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James Evans

As an artist I have learned to carefully observe the beauty of the world around me; and then trust my inner self to  translate what I observe into the language of art . Once when traveling on a local bus in Wales an elderly women on the way to market told me that "God took all the beauty in his pocket and made Wales and  with what was left over he made the rest of the world".  After twenty five years of countless long stays in Wales drawing with pen & ink and photographing for work in my studio her words just keep ringing true to my artistic sensibilities.  
When I am in Wales I am more at peace there than anywhere else in the world.  Its architecture, land and seascapes, language, and people are an endless inspiration for my art. I ease my home-sickness for Wales by painting its landscapes all winter.  I am not, I believe normally very emotional outwardly, but in 2008 when the Brecon choir sang "Land of our Fathers" just for my wife and I at the school where they rehearse the tears rolled
I  believe all of this to be part of a genetic memory.  My father's GGG Grandfather came from Brecon Wales to America in December of 1775 as member of The Twenty-fourth of Foot to relieve Quebec, during  the American revolution. My grandmother was a Jones, My great Aunt was an Evans that married an Evans, and I am an Evans that married an Evans.
Whatever it is about the Cymru, the smell of salt air, the smell of the land after a rain, the sound of sea-gulls,  or breathtaking landscapes that are Wales I would not be complete as an artist if did not draw from this well of inspiration

I also paint American landscapes, draw with Prismacolor,  ink,  and create ceramic sculptures.  Some of my clay sculptures are megaliths in their own rights moved with a forklift and stand nine feet high. I have four degrees in art including an MFA in ceramics. I have worked as a Ceramic engineer for Fortune Five-hundred companies and taught art for twenty years in colleges and High Schools. I have traveled extensively and lived in Liberia West Africa for two years building a pottery and brick plant.

My compositions and sculptures have been displayed at many colleges, Universities, regional shows, and sold in  private American Galleries. My work has been sought after by both collectors and galleries.

Medias and Mediums
Detail is important to me so I use only the best methods and materials. Limited edition prints are done by Giclee printing process using Archival inks and paper guaranteed for two-hundred years. Drawings are on archival linen paper. paintings are acrylic on canvass or board. Canvass is stretched on specially constructed stretchers to prevent the stretcher from ever showing though.  I believe there is no point wasting my talent and time with inferior materials in whatever Medium I am using.

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