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Paintings by Gareth Hughes

Gareth Hughes has Welsh parentage and various lines of his family descend from various parts of North Wales including near Denbigh and Caenarfon. He currently lives and works in East Yorkshire, balancing his role as Head of Art and Technology at an independent school and examining for one of the main examination boards alongside maintaining his own practice. Over the years, he has exhibited his work in Germany and Hungary as well as in the UK, having studied Fine Art up to postgraduate level and being in receipt of awards such as the Boise Scholarship.

His most recent work includes a series of graphic works in inks, watercolour and / or gouache covering various genres. This largely figurative series is anticipating a number of oil paintings (looser in style) over the forthcoming summer period. Inspiration is drawn from a range of sources including the work of British Romanticists such as Samuel Palmer and David Jones as well as the automatism of Surrealists such as Andre Masson.

Below is a slideshow of the limited edition prints:-

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'Golden Hair'



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