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Printiau gan Keith Andrew

Keith Andrew RCA was born and trained in London . He has painted full time since 1975. This coincided with moving to Anglesey, North Wales.

In 1975 Keith saw a small exhibition in Blackheath, London which planted the seed of his inspiration, and it is still growing. It was an exhibition of eighteenth century watercolours including works by Samuel Palmer, David Cox, Turner and particularly John Varley. The show made a lasting impression on Keith. From that moment he studied their eighteenth century technique and formulated his contemporary vision. Later that year he moved to Wales bringing with him expectations of the mountains and landscapes formed by these artists. Unlike them he stayed.

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  • Back-Gate
    Back Gate. Image size : - 460mmx400mm. 44.00 unframed
  • Breakfast-for-One
    Breakfast for One Image size : - 358mm x 468mm. 60.00 unframed
  • Candlelight
    Candlelight Image size : - 375mm x 504mm. 60.00 unframed
  • Caradog-Marsh
    Caradog Marsh, Llandrygarn Image size : - 300mmx445mm. 44.00 unframed
  • Cottage-Bedroom
    Cottage Bedroom Image size : - 458mm x 458mm. 83.00 unframed
  • Cottage-Kitchen
    Cottage Kitchen Image size : - 508mm x 508mm. 83.00 unframed
  • Garden-Chair
    Garden Chair Image size : - 495mm x 380mm. 49.00 unframed
  • Green-Door
    Green Door Image size : - 407mm x 270mm.. 49.00 unframed
  • Herb-Garden
    The Herb Garden, Brynteg Image size : - 345mm x265mm. 41.00 unframed
  • Parc-y-Garnedd
    Parc Y Garnedd, Deiniolen Image size : - 250mm x 370mm. 49.00 unframed
  • Quiet-Room
    Quiet Room Image size : - 530mm x 375mm.85.00 unframed
  • Raber-Isaf
    Raber Isaf Image size : - 407mm x 270mm. 49.00 unframed
  • Snowdrops
    Snowdrops Image size : - 465mm x 307mm. 66.00 unframed

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